Q-LABS Quantum Technologies Innovation Start-Up Programme

Quantum tech is at a pivotal point moving out from labs into the world, where businesses are starting to explore, adapt to and find applications for quantum tech.

Q-LABS is launching a programme to help quantum tech start-ups and innovators into the quantum market space. Q-LABS is partnering with IdeaLondon to create the first of its kind quantum innovation programme in London. 

We are seeking early-stage quantum tech start-ups to join our innovation programme. Together with our strategic partners and mentors, participants will benefit from dedicated workshops, 1-1 expert advice, networking and investment connections.

Our programme curates an ecosystem of physical space and specialist support to quantum tech innovations to develop research into world leading technology.

Join us to receive

  • A tailored 6-12 month scale up programme 
  • Support from academic and industrial tech expertise from world experts at UCL and the quantum technologies sector 
  • Access to mentors from quantum start-up companies that have been on your journey
  • Specialised investor introductions
  • Innovation and R&D funding application support
  • One-to-one business advice
  • Membership to the Q-LABS Innovation Network, a network of companies, researchers, and innovators across the quantum sector


We are looking for any quantum tech start-up to apply, including companies that focus on quantum computation and simulation. All levels of maturity will be considered, including pre-incorporation projects, early-stage companies (pre-seed) or more mature companies (seed stage). For quantum hardware enterprises, the ideal candidate should already have a basic prototype. 

Our initial pilot cohort is invitation only, but if you are interested in joining our next programme starting October 2021 contact us to stay informed about the selection process and upcoming events.  

Join The Network!

Find out more about Q-LABS and join the network.

About QLabs

Q-LABS, founded at UCl and hosted by the London Centre for Nanotechnology, is an open innovation centre where start-ups, SMEs and teams from corporate industry are co-located with academic groups working at the forefront of quantum computing and simulation. 


Q-LABS will lower the barrier for entry to the quantum market space for entrepreneurial innovators while de-risking involvement in this rapidly-moving sector for global industries. 


Collaboration with key players in the quantum supply-chain will give Q-LABS members access to the rapidly developing state-of-the-art in quantum resources for proofs-of-principle of industrially relevant use cases. 


The intellectual environment of Q-LABS and UCL will enable frictionless cross-fertilisation of techniques between industrial sectors, allowing newcomers to the field to make rapid impact.


Find out more about Q-LABS and join the network.




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